Thursday, February 6, 2014

Old Wive's Tales?

The legislative effort continues in Maryland, and in the past week, I have testified to both the Maryland Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee, and the Maryland House Health and Government Operations Committee on the topic of naturopathic licensure. What a week it's been! If you're a Maryland resident and are interested in contacting your representatives about naturopathic licensure, click this link and you'll be brought to a page with simple instructions.

Meanwhile, I was sent this charming infographic by a friend of mine. I can't say I agree with everything it presents (the lack of citations makes it hard to verify info), but this is a great starting point for a conversation. Naturopathic medicine is often maligned as a collection of "old wives' tales," but nothing could be further from the truth. Naturopathic doctors are actively involved in research efforts, and of course pay attention to the latest news from around the scientific world. So which of the following are old wives' tales? Ask a naturopathic doctor to find out!