Monday, August 13, 2012

An Infographic About Beer

I don't drink much beer anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't still have a lot of affection for it. Beer, in its pre-industrial, natural form, is high in B vitamins, high in minerals, and was an important source of calories for those who spent their days toiling in fields. Of course, things have changed significantly since then, and modern, mass-produced beers have little nutritional value, not to mention the fact that beer can pack the weight on for us sedentary Americans. Craft beer has returned flavor to beer, but these high-alcohol beers are a far cry from the 'liquid bread' beers of old.

I came across this lovely infographic on beer recently and felt I should share it. Some of the health statements made about beer are embellished to say the least, but hey, it's August, and most of us are on vacation anyway. I myself am off to the AANP's annual convention in Seattle, Washington, and while I won't be posting this coming Thursday, I'll be bringing some great info to you folks next week!

Beer Infographic